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Guest Mix #3 by Incentive

Unethical was included in a guest mix by Incentive for 'I Heart Noise' - Nice :)


Breaking Waves 18/04/2019

Circadian Rhythm was included in a Breaking Waves poscast earlier this year - Boom!

Sonic Easel II

Sonic Pi

Since 2018 I've been using Sonic Pi to make music with code; Below is an example from one of my tracks Circadian Rhythm.

(Copy and paste the code below into Sonic Pi, and hit run, you'll get some nice chords).

If you're a budding artist and want to get into coding, I suggest checking it out over here.

use_bpm 142
live_loop :chords do
chords = (ring [:Ab4, :B4, :Eb5, :Fs5, :B3], [:Eb4, :Fs4, :Bb4, :Cs5, :F5], [:B3, :Eb4, :Fs4, :Bb4], [:Ab3, :B3, :Eb4, :Fs4, :Bb4])

with_swing (line -0.01, 0.05, steps: 4).tick do
with_synth :sine do
play chords.look, sustain: 1, release: 2, amp: 1
sleep 4



The Sonic Pi source code for my albums can be downloaded from the links below.