Unique electronic music. A perception of my persona?

Synapse is a journey through lo-fi breakbeats and uplifting electro jazz. The album takes a turn with 'Unethical', into a deeper, more mysterious listening place.
Mouthfeel EP Deluxe
A completely reworked and exclusive to Split-Notes version of an EP I crafted in March 2018 - 'Mouthfeel EP Deluxe' exhibits rich microtonal tunings, slicker beats and bass that will satisfy everyone's appetite!
Sonic Easel
Sonic Easel represents a digital sketchbook for my early 2018 works - This new version features improved mixes and extended cuts of the original tracks.
An Abstract Tomorrow
This classy little five track EP is secretly the follow up to Fature's mini album "Syncopated Computer Addiction" released back in 2009. Although the artist has changed his alias you will still find exactly what you loved about his previous work on this EP - Rich harmonics, complex arrangements and melodies all tied together with hints of jazz and of course beats and bass!
From the Other Side
Released on Dystopiaq netlabel in 2012 - From the Other Side is a small collection of spaced out tunes that will please fans of electronic and experimental genres.
Bad Form
"A lot of Fature's fifth album pays tribute to the pioneers of the West London and Broken Beat music scene and is heavily influenced by artists like Domu, 4Hero and Mr Scruff. "Bad Form" takes on a more stylistic and jazzy approach to his previous albums but also has sprinkles of Ambient and Drum 'n Bass to exhibit his many talents."
The Gathering EP
Released on Split-Notes netlabel in 2011 - The Gathering EP is a solid drum and bass workout which shows little desire to play on cliches within the genre. Being fully xenharmonic means this is a very rare find indeed.
Path To The Cortex
Path to the Cortex is a journey deep into the mind - Abstract, dry sounds with heavy electronic influences, beats and plastic jazz.
Choice by Definition
"Dubbed the jack of all styles, Fature, with his latest album brings to the table something that can only be described as a first class accomplishment. With intricate production, reams of inspiration and a host of genres explored, you're bound to get lost in this maze of creation."
Sophea EP
Inspired by my second born. Upbeat jazzy tracks with ambience in between.
Trust, Thought & Passion EP
A small collection of old experimental works with no central thread. Mindstream was featured on Dystopiaq netlabel in 2011.
Syncopated Computer Addiction
My first EP after Life Cycle inspired by machines, technology and the future. A shifting journey that starts out mellow, then flows into psychedelic arrangements, finishing off with beats and jazz fusion.
Life Cycle
Largely inspired by my first born and the cycle of life we have to live. Mostly experimental interpretations with a sprinkling of jazz.

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