Hi, my name is Lee and I make electronic music. I found a creative release in the early 90’s after being introduced to the world of underground hardcore and drum & bass.

Over the years I've been influenced by many electronic artists like 4hero, Photek, Plaid, Domu, Coldcut and Lone, so my music probably sounds a little bit like all of those mixed together – From Jazz and breakbeats through to IDM.

These days I use Sonic Pi – A live coding synth - Although my compositions are not live, I still find the same passion for creating music using this program, as I did all those years ago with an Amiga!

You can find my music on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes using the links below.

Sonic Easel II

Latest Release

breakbeat, future jazz, drum & bass, sonic pi

Sonic Easel II delves into jazz roots, breakbeats and 90's drum & bass with experimental ideas flowing through.

Sonic Pi

The premise of Sonic Pi is to make music using code. Below is an example from one of my tracks Circadian Rhythm.

(You can copy and paste the code into the Sonic Pi window and hit run for some nice chords)

If you're a budding artist and want to get into coding, I suggest checking it out over here.

use_bpm 142
live_loop :chords do
chords = (ring [:Ab4, :B4, :Eb5, :Fs5, :B3], [:Eb4, :Fs4, :Bb4, :Cs5, :F5], [:B3, :Eb4, :Fs4, :Bb4], [:Ab3, :B3, :Eb4, :Fs4, :Bb4])

with_swing (line -0.01, 0.05, steps: 4).tick do
with_synth :sine do
play chords.look, sustain: 1, release: 2, amp: 1
sleep 4


The source code for my albums can be downloaded from the links below.